Discover the Promise in Greece NY

Thirty years ago, when I was opening my business at 2844 Dewey Ave,
the first inspector that came to see me made it very clear that
if I wanted to get my Certificate of Occupancy, it would require my giving
him money. I threw him out, called his boss and told him I didn't put up
with that sort of thing. (He was eventually jailed for taking money for inspections)

After that things went along fine until five years later when
I decided to rent out two store fronts in my building. 
The inspectors drove my tenants crazy with unreasonable demands. 
One of them paid and got open fairly soon, the other 
refused and suffered for awhile.

Since then, every time a new tenant has moved in the inspectors
have been very difficult to work with. My most recent tenant and I had to 
put up with untrained, unruly, non caring inspectors, who did not know 
what they were doing, and who could not agree amongst themselves
as to what needed to be done to "bring us up to code".

It got so bad, I finally threw them out and complained to the Town.
Only then did my tenant get his C of O.

The big question here is why are the inspectors so difficult
to work with ?

They are supposed to be "Civil Servants" who we pay to "Help" us ?

But they do anything but help.

And it hasn't changed in all these years !

Dave Kaspersin
Dynamic Recording Studios
2844 Dewey Ave.
Rochester, NY 14616

Another one. We had completely remodeled one store front, including all new carpet. Didn't have a fire proof certificate for the carpet. So the inspector wouldn't give the tenant a C of O. Carpet store where we had just purchased the carpet had gone out of business. The inspector wanted us to install MORE new carpet. I called his boss and said: Why don't you stop down here and I'll light the carpet on fire. If it burns I'll buy new carpet. Got the C of O that day. Yet another. Had to install three new fire doors. The company in Henrietta we purchased them from made it clear to us they would not take them back if the Greece inspectors did not accept them. Seems they have had a lot of problems with Greece. Can you handle another ? Inspectors were here inspecting for proper fire walls. Last time they were here they borrowed my ladder and left it in the middle of the hall. So I didn't let them have a ladder. (And why don't they carry ladders?) So they lifted ceiling tiles out of the way, with a stick, and left them that way. OK, Just one more. The inspectors all like to tell you that if you had hired an architect, the inspections would go much better. (They know all to well that most small storefront shops can't afford an architect) SOooooooo, last time I hired an architect, from another town, with over thirty years experience. Paid him a lot of money, and you guessed it, nothing went smooth. And my architect told me this would be the last time he would put up with Greece inspectors! They last story is about getting my present tenent a C of O. And if this tenant moves out, I am not renting either store front out again. I do not need the hassle with the inspectors. In my 27 years as a Greece businessmen, I have many more storys, but I think we all get the idea.