Discover the Promise in Greece NY

Yes, the Town of Greece "Building Department" 
and building inspectors are almost scary -- 
I'll tell you my most recent story of their 
uncanny blundering: I paid a contractor to 
connect my house to the sewer . . . $8,000 later [honest], 
I found out via letter from the Monroe Country Pure Waters Dept. 
that it was put a number of inches on the neighbor's property -- 
The Town of Greece inspected it all along the way 
[it took one day to put this line in].  
Then they wanted me to pay to move it or something . . . 
I went nuts -- then they said they would pull the contractor's 
earnest money or something to pay the legal fees to re-draw the 
easement on the neighbor's property -- that was two years ago.  
I haven't called because it's such a nightmare to talk to them . . . 
I bet they never followed up on it.  They are notorious for 
being evil to owner-builders and even worse to 
all contractors who are 'out of Greece.'  
It's sick!

The Town of Greece made us install an $80,000 water fire system in our existing mall to "protect" a new store with a kitchen. Everyone knows that a Halon system is much cheaper and much better! Put out a greece fryer fire with water ??? I don't think so.
I waited 6 months for the approval to start remolding a building I had purchased in Greece. Could not get the go ahead from the inspectors, so I asked them how much the penalty would be if we started anyway. They said they didn't know. I asked them if it was more than I was paying per month on the mortage, and they said no. So we started and got the permit the next day !