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Live Music Banned in the Town of Greece, NY !
Unless you receive special dispensation in the form of a "Special Permit" from the Town board.

Posted - 06/22/12
The Bergermiester and some of his board members do not want "Live Music
in "THEIR TOWN". Our business Dynamic Recording exists because we record
Bands and Artists, many of whom live in Greece. BUT, although Dynamic and
the Town of Greece Musicians pay exorbitant taxes, we aren't allowed to work in
our own town ! 

Dave Kaspersin

Dave McGrath

You know it's bad enough that the Town of Greece won't issue any new entertainment permits, but when assholes like Steve, 
the owner of The Willow Inn has to run to the town and turn other bars in for trying to slide some acoustic music in on 
Fridays it really pisses me off! Not that anyone goes to that dump, but let people know to boycott that jerks venue. 
I've got Three cancellations for the next Three months now if anyone wants a fill in booking.  
with Paul Strowe and 9 others.
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Dave McGrath You need a permit.... but you can't get a permit. Hows that for democracy?
Saturday at 12:11pm  Like  3
Mary Smith so sorry dave i don't live over there but im sure he is an asshole he sounds like it, 
like the guy that use to own the halfway hause that's why its up for sale
Saturday at 12:16pm  Like  1
Janet Geil So he owns a bar that has a permit and turns in other bars that don't have permits and no
 one can get a permit. Wow.
Saturday at 12:17pm via mobile  Like  2
Dave McGrath Exactly Janet, that's what he's doing.
Saturday at 12:18pm  Like
Mark R Hillman Just for acoustic!! He turns in one or 2 guys.. Not like its a full band .
Saturday at 12:18pm via mobile  Like
Mark R Hillman Cops came down last summer and stopped Jeff Elliot from playing. They were cool about it but still.
Saturday at 12:19pm via mobile  Like
Janet Geil Maybe the local musicians could stop playing there. I know it hurts your pockets but if he wants to be 
the only live music bar and plays dirty then I say okay dirty back and no one accept gigs there
Saturday at 12:20pm via mobile  Like  2
Janet Geil *play dirty back
Saturday at 12:20pm via mobile  Like  2
Dave McGrath That's why I posted this Janet, usually I keep business private, but I feel this is a boycott 
situation for patrons and musicians. Someone tell Jeff Martin who plays there on Fridays to walk away.
Saturday at 12:21pm  Like  5
Mark R Hillman Wish it worked like that. A lot of the bands that play their dont have many other places to play.
Saturday at 12:21pm via mobile  Like
Janet Geil I agree with you Dave. And Mark... If other bars could hire musicians then there would me more 
opportunities to play... Sounds like you have to band together (no pun intended) and stand your ground to
 make a change. Why aren't bars able to get permits?
Saturday at 12:23pm via mobile  Like  2
Mark R Hillman It started in the 90s with the shooting at the bar aahhs. It's was in the back of where 
zebbs on ridge is now. Since that Auburger has made live music in Greece impossible . 
Had a lot to do with slammers closing down.
Saturday at 12:27pm via mobile  Like  2
Tom Ford Willow Inn sucks and so does Steve and the town of Greece for not allowing music
Saturday at 12:27pm  Like  4
Melissa Klim that sucks Dave!! he's always had it out for those that are more successful than him.
 Why that dump has been for sale for over a year. Nothing like the Moe's days......
Saturday at 12:27pm via mobile  Like  3
Janet Geil Hi Melissa
Saturday at 12:29pm via mobile  Like
Dave McGrath He's a jealous bitter drunk that wants everyone else to fail because his place is a hole 
in the wall dump with no patrons.
Saturday at 12:29pm  Like  4
Melissa Klim hi Janet! ever been to this dump?
Saturday at 12:31pm via mobile  Like  1
Janet Geil Nope and doesn't sound like I will
Saturday at 12:32pm via mobile  Like  1
Wendy LaForce preach it brotha!!!
Saturday at 12:32pm  Like
Lynette Bessey Damn...I knew Steve was an ass & a total pain in the ass when it came to booking & 
talking business (maybe cuz I'm a chick working for my husbands band????) But this is just plain low...f'in loser!
Saturday at 12:32pm  Like  1
Dave McGrath Oh he's worse in person Lynette, he has cheated most bands that have played there,
 cutting them off half way through their shows and not paying them in full, or at all.
Saturday at 12:35pm  Like  3
Bob Doc Fischetto That guy has always been BAD NEWS FOR ALL MUSICIANS!!!!
Saturday at 12:36pm via mobile  Like  2
Dave McGrath I feel bad ranting like this when there are SO MANY fair and professional bar owners in 
this area that I work with on a regular basis. This is not indicative of the norm, he is the exception
 and needs to be called out for what he is.
Saturday at 12:36pm  Like  3
Mark Piazza im working on getting the town to start issuing permits again as we speak, been talking to joe robach
Saturday at 12:38pm  Like  9
Lynette Bessey He tried cheating my boys, but when there's a state trooper in the band...wasn't happenin'! LOL
Saturday at 12:40pm  Like  2
Dave McGrath Well there ya go, testimony from a witness. And I vote Mark Piazza for town council.
Saturday at 12:42pm  Like  3
Mark R Hillman I 2nd the nomination!!
Saturday at 12:45pm via mobile  Like  2
Maoria King Allen Dave is the 1st musician we hired at the bay.he is my personal favorite and a friend. 
We are saddened by the willows decision to play dirty. We love Dave and will be hiring him for our next benefit.
 We DO support local bands we will resolve this with the town. Frank Faggiano. Tackles on the bay.
Saturday at 12:50pm via mobile  Like  14
Marie Clark Right on...never, never let the music die!!!
Saturday at 12:57pm  Like
Kevin Kimmerly Bad enough that asshole from the willow still owes my old band $. Now he has to run around 
to the town and blow the others in because they are kicking his ass for business! Fix your dump up and
 maybe someone would come
There. I hope noone goes there.
Saturday at 1:16pm via mobile  Like  3
Alan DeVincentis Auburger had to be politically correct with the shooting incident, and ban all music as 
drawing the bad element. Sorry but that is exactly what happened. He didn't want to look like a &^%$ist against 
one particular kind of music, so he went after it all. Thank PC and linguine spined losers like Auberger.
Saturday at 1:17pm  Like  1
Jackie Elliott Kaspersin Sadly, this is not the first time - same exact thing happened last summer - 
to other Greece Musicians, also paying Greece town taxes, playing in same and other Greece venues, 
who are also paying Greece taxes (or paying rent to a landlord who is paying Greece taxes). Really - 
give me a freaking refund - when I called the town about it last year to ask about this bizarre policy, 
I was actually told "they don't like it" - "they" being the town board, "it" being live music.
Saturday at 1:58pm  Like  2
Ralph Bushey Yep he's a jerk.
Saturday at 2:28pm  Like  3
Yvette Simons we joke in Greece that you need a permit to move your furniture in you house. Greece is a joke. 
They should welcome music like this, and this guy is a jerk. Being afraid of ALL entertainment is not the way 
to go. Our good ole tax dollars at work. Tell me who to vote for and who to write to.. I am tired of my town 
being a dead town, we used to have a few decent places to go to..
Saturday at 2:32pm  Like  3
Margie Lasiewicki Yeah he was a jerk to us too.we don't go ther anymore
Saturday at 2:35pm via mobile  Like  1
Bill Kuitems He's not stable and he's ruined the Willow.
Saturday at 3:24pm via mobile  Like  1
Tom Aquilina He's an ass and so is Auberger
Saturday at 3:45pm  Like  3
Bernie LoBello kUDOS to FraNK AND MAOria for bucking the system and letting us play there. 
I'm also disappointed about being canceled because of this Steve guy. But let's try to solve 
this problem. Rick Antelli is my neighbor, he's on the board. Maybe if we appealed to each 
board member and filled the right papers to get it to a vote. Work as a group. This is a democracy isn't it?
Saturday at 4:14pm  Like  3
Rob Stanton You got it...don't go to the Willow Inn. Actually, that place is a money laundering 
front for the terrorists. Okay, well I don't really know that for a fact, but it's better to play 
it safe and just not go there.
Saturday at 7:42pm  Like  2
Ralph Bushey I love these comments. That place is really dirty looking.
Saturday at 10:06pm  Like  3
Woody Woodward I don't usually like to weigh in on these issues but you hit the nail right on the head Dave.
Yesterday at 3:25am  Like  1
Woody Woodward The Willow was always a great venue to hit for many years when Dick and Rita Kearney 
had the place. Many many great memories of the outstanding parties and gigs that use to happen there. 
It is a shame that Steve now spends so much of his time and effort to discredit others instead of trying 
to just go about his business.
Yesterday at 3:36am  Like  3
Dave Kaspersin Dave, The main problem here is the old fart Greece bureaucrats. It has to be illegal to
 block music in any town.
Lets all get together and hire a lawyer. As a Greece business man I am sick of their arrogance. 
And I pay them
$18,0000 in Taxes per year! Dynamic Recording Studio.
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Find out why and what it means to Monroe County.
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Margie Lasiewicki This sounds like the movie footloose
21 hours ago via mobile  Like
Dave McGrath Thank you Frank, you and Maoria King Allen are Two of the best people in the business 
and I am lucky to call to be able to work with you and call you my friends. I agree with everyone 
here and I do believe we should organize and take our concerns to a town board meeting with all the 
tax paying musicians, venue owners and music fans that want this law changed. If we don't stand up and 
demand justice they will just keep oppressing us and trampling our rights. Live entertainment is not illegal!
19 hours ago  Like  4
Margie Lasiewicki I suggest that we all purposely patronize all the businesses that the willows owner 
is trying to take down
18 hours ago via mobile  Like  1
Kevin Kimmerly Dave, I am with you. Let me know what, when and where. There needs to be a change.
 Let the music play!
18 hours ago via mobile  Like  2
Mark Piazza This issue is going to go to the next level tomorrow. I'll be with our local senator
 and ill be going through the proper channels to get this taken care of. Such a ridiculous thing to 
even be speaking of with him. But, music is pretty important.
17 hours ago via mobile  Like  4
Chris Schneider Thanks Dave
13 hours ago  Like
Dave Kaspersin Dave, Start a petition. Every musician and Bar owner will sign it.
16 minutes ago  Like